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L- 1855 Luxembourg
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

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Fax: +352 2647 8879
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edison news 20140522 19.05.2014

Edison Structured Services

The Edison group is proud to announce a bond issue for a total nominal value
of EUR 10 million.

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ed 12.08.2013

Edison Structured Services S.A.

Edison Capital Partners announces the incorporation of a securitisation company.

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news-2 10.03.2011

The “one-stop shop” for real asset management.

Edison Capital Partners – the “one-stop shop” for real asset management in the shipping, aviation and industrial participations sectors.

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news fortuna 11.10.2010

RMB 690 million financing deal agreed.

RMB 690 million financing deal agreed with China Development Bank to fund “Fortuna”.

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