Capital Partners s.a.

35a, Avenue John F. Kennedy
L- 1855 Luxembourg
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Tel.: +352 26 47 58
Fax: +352 2647 8879
E-mail: info(at)edison.lu

Who we are

Edison Capital Partners offers a complete range of services for the financing and management of vessels, aircrafts and other niche assets requiring specialist expertise.

We are a real asset management company specialising in shipping, aviation and industrial participations. One of our key assets is the development of long-term, sustainable financing solutions that withstand challenging market conditions, thus allowing our clients to build lasting, value-generating businesses.

The acquisition of vessels and aircrafts not only requires important funds but also very specific expertise. We are able to offer both: we can arrange complete financing, either through own funds or our extensive bank relations, and offer specialist, hands-on management of the financed assets. For that purpose, our staff also includes experts indispensable to supervise vessel and commercial aircraft management, who are supported by the necessary administrative personnel required to run such operations.