Edison Capital Partners offers a complete range of services related to private equity and funding. We act as partners, in addition to providing the standard administrative, corporate, and accounting services.


At Edison Capital Partners we assist in managing and to incorporate and administer companies in Luxembourg. We provide A-Z accounting services, with the array of such services including corporate tax declarations, VAT reporting, accounts to balance sheet and much more. We also provide local Directors.


We provide economic advisory services tailored to the sector-specific and market-specific needs of our clients. We have the capacity to respond to specific requests, both with internal staff as well as via a comprehensive network of business analysts worldwide. Our service suite also includes compliance solutions and insurance brokering.


We offer an extensive range of structuring solutions, tailored to your very specific private equity asset needs.


We can assist in finding and structuring financing solutions, tailored to your very specific private equity assets. We look for creative financing approaches and globally ground-breaking solutions to find the financing best suited for your particular needs.

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