Edison Structured Services S.A. is part of Edison Capital Partners group, active in the field of securitisation. The company can issue multi-compartment vehicles that offer a high level of investor protection.

It is limited to issuing securities connected to real assets (of any class) that are administered in the best interest of the investor. These can be listed on a stock exchange and or have an ISIN.

The Luxembourg law of 22nd March 2004 on securitisation sets out a flexible system governing asset securitisation in the wider sense.

A key reason for the popularity of securitisation vehicles is the unlimited range of eligible assets whether movable or immovable, tangible or intangible (equity investments, real estate, commodities, receivables and whole businesses).

Edison Structured Services S.A. completes the range of services offered by Edison Capital Partners, reinforcing its position as a one-stop shop.

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